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We hope you enjoy this bit of pro-King James Bible material to Apostolics and pray you continue to be blessed from the truths out of the word of God.  We have some "print-ready" tracts written by Apostolics which you can download and print for free, watch pro-KJB video shorts, there are links to good books promoting the KJB and a downloadable list of recommended reading.


Keep checking back as we'll add new material periodically. 



This site is dedicated to promoting the King James Bible (KJB) in the Apostolic Movement as the word of God; second to none.


We believe there is no benefit to replacing it in our churches or in any of our teaching materials.** It has never hindered revival, nor will hinder a modern revival of serious seekers; whether they be hungry millennials or aged baby boomers.


Despite many popular beliefs to the contrary, the KJB is extremely accurate. We do not find it mistranslated, lacking, needing clarification, or correcting from misleading Greek or Hebrew Lexicons (e.g. Strong's, Vine's, Et al.) modern versions & commentaries. It is prudent to question the validity of all these sources, their authors, and their accusations against the KJB; not just assume they are true because they are widely accepted. (See the Bereans in Acts 17)


It is a serious matter. Do we have the complete word of God that we can be confident in for "all matters of Christian faith and practice" or is the "scholar's research" the Final Authority? What does the Bible say about this most important foundational belief and what are we being taught? Does their philosophy line up with or conflict with what the Bible says?

Do you have a hard time, as we do, believing oft parroted conclusions about the "Original Language says, Only Inspired Original Autographs, Lost in translation, Copyist errors, Translator's interpolations, A better translation says, Many scholars say, This word really means..." and hundreds of other disputations about the word of God? Where is all this leading us? A better understanding? A deeper meaning? Bible truths or Bible doubts?  "...And he [the serpent] said unto the woman, Yea, hath God said,...?" Gen 3:1

Contrary to many a doubt-caster, we find the KJB particularly easy to read AND understand...when we apply BIBLICAL principles to reading and understanding it! We find the KJB makes perfects sense just as it is. Unfamiliar KJB words are English words with English definitions which are almost always confirmed by their context. "The word of God is nigh thee...", not hidden from us.

To the people of the Name of Jesus, we pray this material on the King James Bible will strengthen and bless you in "the faith which was once delivered unto the saints." "...for thou hast magnified thy word above all thy name". Psalm 138:2

KJB Apostolics

** Currently, most all Apostolic Pentecostal teaching materials have completely replaced the KJB with modern versions. (We believe this is very unfortunate since "updated language" versions have many significant differences affecting doctrine). The notion that children and converts are somehow handicapped by the "KJB's difficult language" is a myth. In fact, the reverse is true by using alternate modern versions. The KJB, is by far, the easiest to memorize by children or bible quizzers, because of it's use of one and two-syllable words, musical rhythm & cadence, and rhyming qualities. God simply does not change and he has made all men's hearts and souls alike so that each generation will respond to the same powerful English Bible as in times past (for four centuries). In addition, it would be extremely beneficial to have a curriculum that is just KJB, without filtering the word of God through fiction and themes. Children and Teens will understand and accept the Bible stories as written. Understanding or not understanding the word of God is a heart condition.




Would you like to join-in a

Bible Reading Conference call?



Global Bread Breakers - Bible Readers Group 

meet by conference call and take turns reading aloud from the King James Version of the Holy Bible.

We are featuring this book

by Apostolic authors,

written in support of the KJB:


Do we have the pure, inspired, inerrant and preserved word of God in our possession? Written for the sincere child of God, earnestly seeking to know how to find the true word of God as midnight nears. 163 pages.

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$13/per copy. Free shipping! (USPS)


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