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What does the New International Version of the Bible have against Jesus?

by: Chick Sallibly

From the distributor: "The author gives us 155 clear instances of changes and omissions from the Bible, things that should be in the NIV but are not. The NIV weakens the deity of Christ, and removes doctrinally important teachings. Verse comparisons between the King James and the NIV cover a wide range of topics..."

KJB Apostolics:"A book EVERY Apostolic should readCompared to the KJV, the NIV denigrates the name of Jesus Christ, his deity and character. Read this book for yourself, before listening to some detractor of it and decide if the NIV honors Jesus as fully God or creates a big question mark about who Jesus is. Did the KJV really add, as claimed, or did the NIV take away from God's holy word?  You decide."  

(Free Access PDF)

by Floyd Nolan Jones

From the Author:
Nearly everyone has the impression that the difference in the wording between modern translations and the...King James Bible is mainly due to synonym choices and language changes. Such is not the situation. The outrageous reason is that almost all translations since 1881 have been made from a drastically different Greek text than was used to prepare the older versions. The traditional Greek has been replaced! 

KJB Apostolics: (The New Greek Text is theory-based as opposed to the Traditional Text of the KJB which is evidence-based).

Side-by-Side comparisons of the KJB and NIV, NASV/NASB are shocking and "scholarly" insistence that they do not alter doctrine is simply not true.

The Bible Version Controversy Explained and Resolved

by Jack McElroy

A really good look at the whole issue from top to bottom.


On the Bible definition of inspiration; the fallacy of the "inspired originals only" doctrine; answers the common objections, like "what about the different editions of the King James Bible?" And, ultimately, explains why Jesus would have to preach from a King James Bible if he visited your church today.

This is a relatively new book on the topic and McElroy offers some good, fresh perspective and insight.


Is YOUR Bible Missing Something?

by David W. Daniels


Publishers of modern Bible versions have been removing words, phrases, and even whole verses, but their readers are often unaware of it. Few people know the Bible well enough to notice when something has been taken out.

The removal of one tiny word turns Jesus into a liar.  A verse that’s completely missing from some of the most popular Bibles available today completely removes one of the basic doctrines found in every bible believing church. In another case, Jesus’ own words are removed, taking out a famous phrase in which Jesus explains why He came to earth. 
This information has been right under our noses for years. How about your Bible? Is it on the list of Bibles with pieces taken out? 


KJB Apostolics: The removing of words in the Bible by publishers is evident. This book challenges the claim that the KJB adds words; a claim a child could debunk.

Crowned With Glory:

The Bible from Ancient Text to Authorized Version
by Dr. Thomas Holland

solid introductory reading on the Bible version issue. Crowned With Glory is an insightful look at the history of the Traditional Text and its impact on the crown jewel of English translations, the Authorized Version. Approaching the issue from a scriptural and scholarly perspective, Dr. Holland explores the science of textual criticism in light of biblical preservation. Read Full Review by Brandon Skaggs, editor of here

Which Version is the Bible? 
by Floyd Nolen Jones

Next to Crowned With Glory, this is probably the best all-around book on the subject. A scientist by trade, Dr. Jones clearly explains the problems and answers with complete documentation.

Dr. Jones' focus in Which Version is the Bible? is a little different from Dr. Holland's focus in Crowned With Glory, so the two compliment each other well.

The Comparative Readability of the Authorized Version

by D. A. Waite Jr


People who complain about the King James Bible, often mention that they think it is not as easy to read as some of the modern versions. This book destroys the idea that the reading level of the King James Bible is difficult or grade 12 at least. One article claimed it was grade level 14, or in other words,you had to be a sophomore in college in order to understand it.

Using computer readability software (Grammatik 4.0, Grammatik 5.0, Word for Windows) Mr. Waite, spent hundreds of hours, lasting over three years, analyzing every word in the King James Bible, the American Standard Version (ASV), the Revised Standard Version (RSV), the New American Standard Version (NASV), the New International Version (NIV), the New King James Version (NKJV) and the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV).

Mr. Waite confessed before beginning the research, he was fully expecting the newer versions to out score the "old" King James Bible. The King James Bible outscored the new versions in virtually every test. It contains detailed tables, charts, documentation, analysis of every conceivable readability tests known.

Books on Textual Criticism

1 John 5:7

KJV Textual Series

(Kindle edition)  by Joshua Alvarez

Does 1 John 5:7 belong in your Bible? Bible teachers, scholars, and text-critics all agree that it shouldn’t be in your Bible. But what do the facts say? In this short book, the facts about this controversial scripture are laid out for any layperson to see and judge for himself as to whether or not 1 John 5:7 belongs in the Bible as found in the A.V. 1611.
"It's the best evidence I've seen so far [for 1 John 5:7], compiled in a simple way." ~ David W. Daniels (Chick Publications)

KJB Apostolics:  It is important to note that 1Jn 5:7 is a Oneness scripture. This is book is compelling evidence 1 John 5:7 belongs in the word of God.  Bible college professors Polly-Parrot textual critics who are fond of telling us 1 John 5:7 has little manuscript support and the fanciful legend about how Erasmus added it to the Bible. This 35 page book lays out very simply what is not told us by textual critics. 

(paperback edition available by emailing author:

Neither Oldest Nor Best

How the Foundational Manuscripts of Modern Bible Translations are Unreliable

By David H Sorenson

This book provides powerful evidence that Codex Sinaiticus was actually produced in 1840 and that Codex Vaticanus is no older than the medieval era, with modifications likely made in the 19th century. Dr. David Sorenson presents compelling evidence that most modern Bible versions are based upon manuscripts which are fraudulent in their provenance. This book is powerful vindication of the King James Version. "Explosive, well researched and documented" Randall King, D. Min. "Devastating evidence and penetrating common sense analysis . . . a must read." Dell Johnson, Ph.D., Th.D.

KJB Apostolics:  Sinaticus and Vaticanus despite their notoriety for corruptions, have long been heralded as the "oldest and best manuscripts closest to the Originals". Their excellent condition reveals they were not used very much or not very old.

Never the less, these are the foundational manuscripts of Modern versions, which [along with lexicons and commentaries] are used to correct the King James Bible, even in our pulpits! "Neither Oldest Nor Best" shines even more light of truth on these two impostors supplanting the KJB in the hearts and minds of Apostolics.

Forever Settled

A survey of the Documents and History of the Bible

by Jack Moorman

This book is an exhaustive examination of the history of the Bible--from the time that it was breathed out by God, through its various stages of transmission, down to its present form in our day. It was written by a Bible college professor who is now a missionary. It recognizes that the promises within Scripture declare just as forcibly its preservation as it does its inspiration--that both are supernatural. It is here that his book stands. It is trusted that it will meet the need for a fuller treatment from this viewpoint.

Logical Criticisms of Textual Criticism

by Gordon H Clark


For over a century scholars have been making new translations of the Bible, encouraging laymen to buy and use them. These new translations, we are told, are better than the old, based on superior Greek texts, and more suited to the modern mind. In this little book, Dr. Clark, [a professor of Modern Textual Criticism] exposes the sloppy scholarship of the textual critics, their misleading footnotes, their incorrect translations, their capriciousness in excluding words, phrases, and whole verses from the Bible. No Christian should be without this book.

Heresies of Westcott and Hort

by D. A. Waite


This book reveals the unorthodox beliefs of Westcott and Hort who are the men most responsible for the 'new' Greek text that underlies the 'new' bible versions. Their heterodoxy blinded their intellects, and prejudiced them adversely and unfairly in their textual theories of the Greek New Testament. This book contains 125 direct quotations of Westcott and Hort from 1,291 pages as contained in five books by both men.

Westcott & Hort's Greek Text & Theory Refuted

by D. A. Waite

This book presents Dean John William Burgon's comments dealing with the false and erroneous New Testament Greek text and theory promulgated by Westcott and Hort. They "invented" a 'new' Greek text in 1881 that is used by all modern Bible translators of 'new' versions of the Bible. He calls Westcott and Hort "two irresponsible scholars of the University of Cambridge."

The Traditional Text of the Holy Gospels

by Dean John William Burgon

By reading this book, The Traditional Text of the Holy Gospels, you will have powerful evidence to refute the false notion that the traditional received text was not present until after the fifth or sixth centuries. You will see that the traditional received text was from the beginning. It was from the very New Testament autographs and was copied and re-copied by hand accurately from the beginning until the invention of printing when it was made permanent.

This book is loaded, with overwhelming evidence from manuscripts, lectionaries, ancient versions, and church fathers. Dean Burgon does three things in this volume: (1) He outlines his seven tests of Scriptural truth; (2) He proves the superiority of the traditional received text; and (3) He shows the inferiority of Westcott and Hort's favorite manuscripts-Vatican and Sinai, that is, B and Aleph. His arguments are powerful and convincing!

You will want to order several copies of this book and distribute it widely! Order a copy for you pastor, our church library, your missionaries, your favorite schools, and your friends!  Read more...

A Brief Summary of the Traditional Text of the Holy Gospels
by D. A. Waite

As the title indicates, it is the purpose and intention of this booklet to summarize some of the teachings and main arguments contained in Dean Burgon's excellent book, The Traditional Text of the Holy Gospels. It is hoped that the reader will purchase and read `The Traditional Text in its entirety.

There has been no attempt to give all of the arguments used in The Traditional Text.  This "SUMMARY" has sought to set forth some of the more important themes and statements found in this well-written textbook on textual criticism. The reader of the entire book will find it to be a worthwhile document. 

The Superior Foundation of the King James Bible

by D. A. Waite

This book by  D. A. Waite, addresses a most important question.The question is, "Which Old Testament Hebrew and Aramaic words and which New Testament Greek Words are we to use as the basis for all of our translations"? Although it is a complex subject, Dr. Waite's book makes the topic clear for laymen, students, teacher, missionaries, and pastors. Every believer concerned about the proliferation of texts claiming to be "the Words of God" needs this book.

Why They Changed The Bible:

One World Bible For One World Religion

by David Daniels

Bible translators, all over the world, are making Bibles that they think are only for Protestant and Baptist believers. But they've been sold a lie!  Actually, they have been tricked into also making false bibles for someone else.  Most don't know that Christian translators are being trapped into helping create a One-World Bible! And all the translation work is paid for by contributions from Bible believers like you.
And Who is that "someone," and what do they believe?  They will tell you, in their own words!

Foes of the King James Bible Refuted

by D. A. Waite


This book is important because it answers various arguments set forth by foes of the King James Bible and its underlying Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek Texts. The arguments of the foes are not new. They have been around ever since the days of Bishop Brooke Foss Westcott and Professor Fenton John Anthony Hort and their forerunners. Look at the principles discussed in this book, rather than at the personalities involved


The Ecclesiastical Text

by Theodore P. Letis

This is a collection of essays written by Theodore Letis, the Director of the Institute of Renaissance and Reformation Studies, over a period between 1987-1997 and published in journals both popular and academic, while he was a doctoral candidate at the University of Edinburgh. Some are popular, most are rather technical studies treating translation philosophy, text criticism, the Protestant orthodox dogmatic traditions of the seventeenth-century. It also contains four important book reviews and two appendices.
In these essays, Letis presents a rigorous defense of the use of the Textus Receptus, or the Ecclesiastical Text, over the various critical texts which have been heavily used since the time of B.B. Warfield.
Letis challenges the prevailing notion that Biblical authority is to be found in the original autographs of Scripture by demonstrating a theological shift in the later nineteenth into early twentieth centuries, and consequently arguing that authority is to be found in the apographa, or the text preserved in the church. (not apocryphal books)

A New Hearing For The Authorized Version

by Theodore P. Letis

Contrary to the prevailing opinion, there are solid, significant reasons why the English-speaking church and Christian ought to use the King James Version (KJV) of Holy Scripture. Use of the KJV is not due to hide-bound traditionalism. Read full review...

Amazon: After many years of training and research, the author concludes that "keeping in consideration both the divine and the human aspects of the Bible, the Authorized Version should be retained in the churches, in Bible studies, and in the classroom, because of the superiority of its Greek text, translation, and English usage; and because it is a link with our past as well as a unifying factor for the present." In a day of confusion, misinformation, and misrepresentation about an extremely important issue, this short but scholarly work does what the title states-it provides a new hearing for the Authorized Version of the Bible.

The Majority Text:

Essays and Reviews in the Continuing Debate 

by Theodore Letis (Editor)

The papers presented in this Symposium make a very positive contribution to the study of the transmission of the printed text of the New Testament. From the work of Erasmus, Stephens, Beza, a Greek text was available to the 1611 translators of the KJV, the total spiritual impact of which has had far–reaching consequences for the spread of Christianity, a remarkable phenomenon freely acknowledged by all.

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